About Us

Welcome To Faith Baptist Church!
Faith Baptist Church was founded in 1963 by some families that wanted to follow God to the best of their abilities as Faith Missionary Baptist Church.

The founding pastor was Rev. James F. Barnes, and he served as the pastor faithfully for 25 years. 

He was followed by his son-in-law Dr. Larry M. Groves who served for another faithful 25 years. We are pleased to call Rev. Larry A. Hof our pastor now, a man groomed by God as he served for 14 years as a lay person in the church.

We are an Independent, Fundamental, Bible Believing Baptist Church. Independent in that we answer only to God the Father as to how we follow Him; Fundamental in that we hold to the doctrine set forth in the King James Bible, that God is the Almighty Creator of all things, Jesus Christ is the fullness of the God-head bodily, who laid His sinless life down to pay for our sins, and is risen, seated at the Father’s right hand speaking for us; that the Holy Spirit completes the Trinity, and has one task, to point sinners to Jesus Christ; that we the church were left two ordinances to follow in baptism by full immersion, and the Lord’s Supper; and the great commission left to us in the Gospel.

Please come and visit with us, and you too will find that we are, in fact, the “Friendliest Church Around”!

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