About Us

Welcome To Faith Baptist Church!
Faith Baptist Church was founded in 1963 by some families that wanted to follow God to the best of their abilities as Faith Missionary Baptist Church. In 2005 we sold our building of 42 years and met in a warehouse for the next 5 years as we waited on God to open the door for us to be planted here in Hancock County. We moved into our building in April of 2010 and are honored that God has placed us in such a close knit community.

We are an Independent, Fundamental, Bible Believing Baptist Church. We understand that there are churches that are part of an IFB “movement” and we are in no way affiliated with that movement. We are Independent in that we answer only to God the Father as to how we follow Him; Fundamental in that we hold to the doctrine set forth in God’s Holy Word, that God is the Almighty Creator of all things, Jesus Christ is the fullness of the God-head bodily, who laid His sinless life down to pay for our sins, and is risen, seated at the Father’s right hand speaking for us; that the Holy Spirit completes the Trinity, and has one task, to point sinners to Jesus Christ; that we the church were left two ordinances to follow in baptism by full immersion, and the Lord’s Supper; and the great commission left to us in the Gospel. We preach and teach from the KJV and believe it to be a superior version in translation and context.

We also want folks to know that we simply are a Bible Believing, Christ following assembly of sinner saints. We do not follow traditions set forth by legalistic practices. If we observe something at our church it is set forth by God’s Word in principle and practice.

Please come and visit with us, and you too will find that we are, in fact, the “Friendliest Church Around”!

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