About Our Pastor

Larry Hof was first introduced to our church in 1988 when he began seeing one of our Teen girls that had grown up in the church, Kristie Eagen. Larry was a member of Villa Baptist Church at that time, but soon left for the USAF. After a couple of years, he took Kristie away from Faith Baptist when they married in 1991 right in the auditorium of our church by Pastor Larry Groves. When they left the military and moved back to Indiana, right away Kristie re-integrated back to be a faithful member of this church, while Larry had nothing to do with church or God. Kristie and the church began praying for Larry’s salvation, and in September of 1998 in a revival meeting at our church, Larry Hof became a child of God!

For the next few years Larry and Kristie served in several capacities as members of our church under Dr. Larry Groves. In 2007 Larry and Kristie started a Reformers Unanimous Chapter at our church and were faithfully ministering to those broken by addictions until we moved from Indianapolis to Greenfield. Then God shifted gears for the RU from the church to the Hancock County Jail where Larry served not only as an addiction’s counselor, but then as the Jail’s Chaplain. Larry now a licensed preacher, deacon of the church, and faithful servant had known since 2003 that God had a plan for him to pastor our church. So, when Dr. Groves suddenly passed in September of 2012, while it took Pastor Hof a couple months to yield, he knew it was God’s will and in January of 2013 the church agreed and voted him in as our Pastor. He and Kristie love the Lord, our people and desire to be used by God to love all that He sends our way.

Associate Pastor

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Pastor Brent Booher has been at our church since he was 10 years old. He has served in many capacities over the years. He and Pastor Larry have been friends and fellow laborers for decades. Brent lived a large portion of his life as a bachelor until God gave him his beautiful bride, Shawna Noble. Shawna served in her church in Nicholasville, KY for several years and at Camp Victory where she and Brent met. They now have been married for 5 years and have adopted 6 children that they had fostered. God has blessed us with this family and their heart to please God with their lives.

Youth Pastor

Justin and Laurisa Painter have literally grown up at Faith. Laurisa is the former pastor’s grand-daughter and Justin’s grandmother has been a member for over 40 years. They both were in Junior Church under their current pastor when he taught junior church. They have experienced first hand the loving fellowship here at our church and now want to show that same compassion as they nurture the Youth Group as well as Junior Church now. We are so proud of their heart for God and their desire to follow Him in their lives.

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